Members of the Johnson County 4H Horse Club after an event. The club organizes events and activities for its members throughout the year. Submitted photo

The Johnson County 4H Horse Club has taken a fresh approach to the 2018/2019 4H year. Horse loving 4H members have participated in a number of 4H activities and events throughout the year.
The 4H Horse Club fun included a “Christmas Cookie Contest” delicious works of art on display.
Dedicated 4H members share equine education through presentations and demonstrations followed by a “Who was listening Game!” at the Jo Co.4H Horse Club monthly meetings. A number of topics have been covered including, “Saddle Up” – learning the parts of the saddles, “Pin the Part” know the parts of the horse, “You be the Judge” correct horse conformation, ”It’s all about the HOOF” proper horse hoof care, “Grooming is in the Bag” all of your spring Horse grooming essentials, “Behave
Yourself” learning horse behaviors, “Name that Breed” breeds of horses/colors and what makes them unique, and “Practice Makes Perfect” helpful tips on showing Showmanship and Trial classes, to help members prepare for the Johnson County Fair.

Johnson County 4H Horse club members competed at the Kansas Horse Judging Contest at the 2019 Equi-fest in Topeka, the largest equine trade show in Kansas. Submitted photo

4H Horse Club members have discovered Equine Education is fun. Johnson County 4H Horse Club had a Senior Horse Judging team prepare and compete at the Kansas State Horse Judging Contest at the 2019 Equi-fest in Topeka. Equi-fest is the largest Equine Trade Show in Kansas. There were 192 horse judging exhibitors who competed. Jo. Co. 4H Horse Judging team consisted of Olivia Girard, Emma Girard, Brighton McBride and Avery Maxwell. Proudly, outstanding, horse crazy 4H members placed third in Oral Reasons and fourth Over All team placing.
Giving back to the community is a priority of Johnson County 4H Horse Club. Members have proudly supported New Horizon Therapeutic Ranch of Rantoul for a second year. Horse Club 4H members help with a number of community service opportunities provided by New Horizon Ranch including, “ Deck The Stalls,” “Spring Round Up” and “Giddy Up Discovery Days.” The opportunities are endless. Through volunteering, Jo. Co. 4H Horse Club can make a big difference.
The equine industry has been hit extremely hard in the Spring of 2019. Nationally and locally the equine industry has had a number of dangerous and deadly outbreaks. Jo. Co. 4H Horse Club educates members and encourages others to vaccinate and take all measures necessary to prevent horses from coming in contact with these deadly viruses. Through the guidance of our own Equine Specialist & Surgeon, Valentine Williams provides a veterinarian’s point of view to stress the importance of proper and preventative horse healthcare. Johnson County 4H Horse Club will host several clinics and learning opportunities throughout the year.
So, do you like horses?
Consider joining Johnson County 4H Horse Club. With or without a horse, you will find a number of opportunities to learn about horses and hang out with some really cool “horse loving” kids. Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at the Johnson County Fairgrounds White building in Gardner at 7 p.m. Come “horsin’ around” with us.