Seven candidates have filed for the Gardner Edgerton school board.
Candidates are required by K.S.A. 75-4301a to submit a Statement of Substantial Interest for Local Office to the Johnson County Election office. The statements provide information on employment, fees received and ownership interests.
Of the seven candidates who are listed on the Johnson County election office’s website, challenger Jacques Hastert had not filed at presstime.
Newcomer Benjamin Hodson, 18528 Juniper, has filed for position 2. He lists no ownership interests in excess of $5,000 and no fees or commissions received. He lists his employment as Truss, LLC as an insurance broker. His wife is employed for nonprofit Youthrive.
Ementi Coary, 631 N Locust, filed for at large. He lists ownership or business interest in Prudential and Chicago Oakbrook. His employment is listed as sales in Mitchell International. He lists no fees or commission received and no employment for spouse.
Incumbents are: Tresa Boden, position 3; Robin Strentz, at large; Greg Chapman; position 2; and Kristen Schultz, position 1.
According to Boden’s statement under ownership; she lists a hospital retirement account and two for her spouse. She lists no commissions or fees in excess of $2,000 as received. Her address is 732 N Alder. She lists her employment as Overland Park Regional Medical Center and her spouse with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.
Chapman, 1199 E Santa Fe, #5, has filed for position 2. He lists no ownership interests of more than $5,000 and no fees or commissions received. He lists his employer as FedEx and Pac Sun, and his spouse with Turner USD 202.
Schultz, 32335 W 166th, has filed for position 1. She lists no commissions or fees received, and no ownership interests. She lists her employer as Kristen N Schultz Daycare and her spouse with KVC Behavioral.
Although Strentz, 341 N Sumac, has not filed a 2019 statement of substantial interest, according to the election office website, she did file one in 2015. In 2015, she listed her employer at First Student as bus driver, and her spouse with Reddi Services.
All information is available on the Johnson County Election office website. The election is in November.