Meow pictured with his family three years ago. He recently was returned home. Submitted photos

When Gardner Police Department’s Animal Control Officer Alexis Rivera was called to pick up a wandering cat, she followed her normal process of taking the wandering animal to the city shelter for found dogs and cats.
Rivera noticed how happy and healthy the cat appeared, and she decided to scan it for a microchip. The cat had previously had a microchip injected just under the skin.
Rivera contacted the microchip company and learned the name of the owner that had purchased the microchip originally. She then began attempting to contact the owner.
At the same time, the microchip company sent a text message to the registered owner, telling them the Gardner Police Department had located their cat. Thanks to the microchip implant, ACO Rivera was able to unite the cat with its owner after being missing for three years.
Meow the cat had been missing for almost three years, according to Taylor Jezik, Gardner pet owner.
“We drove and searched over and over for her, put her litter box out, looked on the sides of the roads for dead cats, Jezik said on social meda. “I knew deep down, there was no way she could die. She was too tough to be killed. I stayed hopeful. We LOVE Meow with all of our hearts. This phone call and text are unbelievable. Someone pinch me. This is crazy, we have her back home now, she is adjusting and snuggling. She is timid, but she knows us, it’s such an amazing feeling.”
Jezik’s son Charlie was three when Meow was lost and is now seven.
Getting a microchip implant for your pet is an inexpensive option to consider, and it is one of the best ways to reunite pets with owners when they are separated.