Civic engagement is one of the most important components of a successful community.
Volunteerism at the local level has been identified as one of the most effective ways citizens can stay engaged in the goings-on of their communities and one of the ways they can meaningfully contribute to the success of their cities.
There are many opportunities for volunteering in Gardner and Edgerton -including helping out at faith based social programs, community based non-profits or in governmental agencies.
At the governmental level, cities often establish citizens’ boards and committees that help guide policy and oversee projects and programs.
The citizens who offer their services and time to these boards scrutinize policy proposals from staff, ask questions and have the power to advance or halt projects, or request for more information before approval.
They bring their unique perspectives to governance at the local level, a perspective rooted on nothing more than a desire to see their communities progress in the right direction.
It’s a noble cause.
Recently the city of Gardner has had difficulties filling positions on some advisory committees. Jim Pruetting, city administrator, sounded the alarm during a June 3 council meeting on the lack of candidates for those positions and implored council members to recruit candidates.
We appreciate the Gardner residents who recently heeded the call.
Adam Santoyo, Ementi Coary, Frank Barnes, Jennifer Smith and Kristy Harrison joined several committees and boards after their nominations were approved by the city council. The council also approved the appointment of Eric Ford and Adrianna Meder to the crucial planning commission while Andrew Taylor joins the Utilities advisory board.
Dave Hayden, Kraig LaRosh, Carrie Wilson and Tory Roberts will continue offering their time and expertise on the committees and boards to which they have agreed to be re-appointed.
Serving on these boards without compensation and at the cost of valuable time is a sacrifice for which the community thanks these individuals and those with whom they serve.