Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
The Gardner City Council approved several appointments to advisory committees during a meeting July 1.
Dave Hayden and Kraig LaRosh were reappointed to the airport advisory board. Adam Santoyo was appointed to the same board. Interviews were conducted June 27 by Steve Shute, mayor and Todd Winters and Mark Baldwin, council members. Advisory board terms will end in January 2022.
The council re-appointed Carrie Wilson to the citizens’ police advisory committee and appointed newcomer Ementi Coary to the same committee. Both terms will end in November 2021.
Frank Barnes and Jennifer Smith will join the citizens’ public works and accessibility advisory committee. Their terms end in December 2021.
Shute recommended and the council approved the re-appointment of Tory Roberts to the planning commission for a three year term while Kristin Harrison will join the utility advisory board until January 2022.
Eric Ford and Adrianna Meder have been appointed to the planning Commission while Andrew Taylor will join the utilities advisory board.
During a June 3 council meeting Jim Pruetting, city administrator, sounded the alarm over a lack of candidates to fill positions on the boards and committees and urged the council members to re double their efforts to find suitable candidates for the positions.
“We need to fill these positions. We are at a point where we rarely have a quorum,” he said. The council altered an ordinance earlier in the year that had required vacancies be published.
Appointments to the committees are governed by resolution 1984. Council members individually recommend applicants for appointment. The recommendations are placed on the city council consent agenda for approval by the council.