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A 2011 Olathe North High School graduate and Olathe, Kansas native is serving as part of the international staff at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Allied Command Transformation.
Master-at-Arms 1st Class Ariane Logan recently reached her three-year anniversary at the command and received recognition as NATO ACT’s Junior Military Member of the Year from January 2018 to December 2018.
This international award represents the enlisted community at NATO ACT and is very competitive. Shortly after Logan received the award, she was promoted from a second class petty officer to a first class petty officer.
“I take pride in my job and I do it well,” said Logan. “Security provides protection and surveillance for the command, and coordinates annual drills with the region, base and local authorities. Outside of my normal job, I have also been heavily involved with the military recreation committee, food sales, and general welfare for staff and families. The U.S. Navy promotes to volunteer and do more than just your assigned job, so getting involved seemed very natural for me.”
At the conclusion of her tour at NATO ACT this summer, Logan will go to Naples, Italy to be part of the base security detachment. Throughout her time at NATO ACT she has learned the importance of setting clear expectations and communicating effectively, and she will take these lessons with her as she progresses through her career.
“NATO has definitely been different than the U.S. Navy where it’s primary U.S. service members,” said Logan. “Although I have not worked with every country in the Alliance, all 29, I realize that there are different leadership styles and unique ways to handle situations. Communication is critical at a command like this, especially because there are so many languages and cultures.”
Logan feels like she made an impact during her time at NATO ACT and encourages Sailors to get out of their comfort zones, and volunteer to serve in an international environment.
“No matter where you are posted, or how small, you are contributing to the bigger picture,” emphasized Logan.
Gen. Andre Lanata, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, believes that innovation helps make NATO a powerful guarantor of security in Europe and North America.
“NATO members and partners realize that we are currently living in a challenging environment of warfare. With this in mind, Allied Command Transformation focuses its efforts on innovation, adaptation and warfare development for the Alliance,” said Lanata. “At my command, we ensure that NATO has the right military posture today and in the foreseeable future to project stability and to contribute to global peace and security. To win tomorrow’s conflicts and challenges, we must prepare today and stay relevant.”
As one of NATO’s two strategic commands, Allied Command Transformation has been located in the United States since its founding in 2003. The city of Norfolk, Virginia, and the region as a whole, serve as exceptional hosts to military and civilian personnel from 34 allied and partner nations who are assigned to Allied Command Transformation.
Since 1949, NATO has played a critical role in global affairs and celebrates its 70th anniversary as an Alliance this year. The security NATO provides the international community is invaluable. In a world of global challenges, transatlantic security cooperation is needed more than ever. A strong NATO is a force-multiplier for every Ally.