Our parents used to give us “the look” when our behavior was other than mannerly.
“Don’t act like you were raised in a barn,” they’d say.
That’s what we’d like to say to the Gardner officials who continue to exhibit immature, unmannerly social media behavior.
There’s a good reason for etiquette – that is proper, respectable behavior. Most of us learn that in our early teens as we mature.
Courtesy should be utilized in even the most egregious situations. Unfortunately, social media and satiric, “cutesy” television have joined together to remove the shame from crass behavior. When hiding behind a keyboard, rudeness just seems to run rampant.
Such is the case of social media posts by members of the Gardner City Council. No matter how badly your feelings are hurt, and that you believe a constiuent’s response is improper – why oh why do you think you need to write about it publicly and call the person a bigot?
There’s no good reason to behave like a juvenile. Rise up. Don’t jump into the gutter. You chose to run for office, quit moaning and playing the “victim” card. Constituents have the right to ask questions, put aside your arrogance and listen. You might learn something.
Professionals, people in the public eye, are expected to behave properly if they are to be seen as someone knowledgeable.
To ignore the norms of public behavior will get you laughed at and ignored. Continued crass behavior may cost you respect, or your job. It will definitely effect your credibility.
And in the case of immature public officials, it makes the entire town look bad. Please quit hitching your immature attitude to this town’s good name. In other words, if you don’t have something nice to say, if you can’t be courteous, be quiet.
We’re not sure what “hammer” was lowered, but the two most offending council members – Lee Moore and Rich Melton – have removed their council social media pages.
Thank you.
Update:(On the internet, everything is fluid. The newspaper wasn’t even warm on the stands before the social media pages reappeared with a comment warning people to beware of fake news.)