Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
The longest daylight day of the year is next week. The summer solstice, June 21.
To some people summer is half over; to others it is just really starting.
Gardner and Edgerton have done their summer festivals. Music, food and entertainment. Lots of people in town.
I have to go to bed early, and I don’t like it one bit. But 5:30 a.m. comes quickly. I have tried to readjust my inner clock, but it just doesn’t work. When my kids were little they kept a very well regimented bed time. Lights out were early, and until summer was upon us, they were expected to be in bed.
I hate going to bed when it is still light out. I enjoy sitting on my patio and listening to the traffic and the birds. I like to watch the sun set and the clouds change color.
My puppy who is now nine months old and much calmer, loves being outside. He hops into the chair next to me and surveys the people walking just beyond my fence. He loves the birds, and all the smells outside keep him busy.
We have been gifted with some wonderful, cool evenings. Other than the allergy factors, open windows can’t be beat. The only thing even closer is the smell of clothes washed and hung to dry on a bright sunny, windblown clothes line.
The kids today will never realize just how wonderful sheets and pillow cases can smell. It is not allowed where I live to even have a clothes line. I guess they are ugly. I had a retractable one at my house in Edgerton, and it was wonderful for all those things that needed aired outside.
I guess my message this week is enjoy your outside time. Take that coffee out and watch the world go by. Put down the phone and the laptop. Get some plant fertilizer and feed your outdoor plants. Maybe even think about entering one or two in the Johnson County Fair. It will be here by the end of of July.
Say “hello” to your neighbors. See who is new in your neighborhood. Offer a hand to an older or less experienced gardener if they need it. All too soon we will be bundled back inside wishing for at least one day without cold. It will be easier to sleep and become couch potatoes.
Enjoy summer life; we never know just how many summers we have left.