Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
A truck stop is coming to Edgerton. The city council authorized Don Roberts, mayor, to sign an agreement with My Store III, Inc., a Kansas corporation that currently operates a truck stop and gas station in the metro area.
The council, during its June 13 meeting, heard that the company has acquired property along Homestead Lane just north of I-35 and plans to develop a truck stop including amenities such as fueling stations for regular and diesel fuel, truck parking, restrooms with showers, truck scale and wash.
As part of the agreement, the developer is expected to petition the city for the creation of a community improvement district allowing for the collection of a district sales tax of one percent to be collected for 22 years.
“The city would create a special fund to collect these CID revenues,” said Karen Kindle, finance director, adding that as per the agreement the city agrees to reimburse the developer up to $750,000 for the cost of making public infrastructure improvements on the property.
Kindle told the council that once the developer has been reimbursed $750,000, the city would close the fund and transfer any amounts remaining to the city’s general fund.
Edgerton is home to one of the largest logistics parks in the country. The nearest full service truck stop is located in Ottawa, Kan.
Kindle said that both the city and its economic development arm, Elevate Edgerton, have identified the recruitment of new commercial business to the city as one of the top priorities.
During the same meeting, the council approved an ordinance authorizing the city to issue up to $9 million of home rule revenue bonds to pay for the costs of the Phase Two public infrastructure improvements at the logistics park.
Among projects to be funded by the new bonds are the construction of a new four lane road and bridge on Homestead Lane and 207th street south of interstate 35. the city will also use the bonds to pay for the construction of a new sanitary sewer lift station to serve the Kubota North American Distribution Center, the construction of a new gravity sanitary sewer main from Big Bull Creek Lift Station and the construction of a new concrete roadway for 207th street east of Waverly Road adjacent to the new Hostess distribution center.