Date Published: June 19th, 2019

The property addresses listed below were inspected and found to be in violation of Section 8-201 of the Edgerton City Code.

• Nelta & Richard Anderson 204 West 7th Street Edgerton, KS 66021 Property ID#BP75000000 0006

The following conditions are in violation of Section 8-201 and 8-208 of Article 2, Chapter 8 of the Edgerton City Code regarding health nuisances:

•8-201. NUISANCES UNLAWFUL; DEFINED. It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain or permit any nuisance within the city as defined, without limitation, as follows:

(e) All grass or weeds or other unsightly vegetation not usually cultivated or grown for domestic use or to be marketed or for ornamental purposes;

Based on the condition listed above this Order of Violation is issued on behalf of the Edgerton City Council. The owner or occupier of these properties has ten (10) days from the publication of this notice in the official city newspaper to abate the conditions listed above or request in writing a hearing within (5) days of receipt before the City of Edgerton City Council or its designated representative regarding this matter.

Failure to abate the condition or request a hearing within the allowed time will result in the city or its authorized agent abating violation(s) and will assess the cost, including an administrative fee, against the owner, occupant or agent in charge of the property as permitted by Edgerton City Code.

The owner, occupant or agent in control of the property will be given an opportunity to pay the assessment, and if it is not paid within 30 days of such notice it will be added to the property tax as a special assessment

No further notice will be given during the current calendar year prior to the removal of the violation(s) from the property.

Questions should be directed to the City of Edgerton Code Enforcement Officer during normal business hours at (913) 893-6231.