Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
With the new Gardner Justice Center set to open in the summer, the city is already putting into gear efforts to decommission the current police station on Main Street.
During a council meeting June 3, Michael Kramer, public works director, recommended the city enter into an agreement with Treanor Architects, a KCMO based firm, to conduct a needs assessment for the decommissioning of the police station.
Kramer said that per previous studies and council direction, the police station is intended to be demolished for future re-development in accordance with the downtown development plan with the garage portion of the facility relocated to another city facility.
Kramer said the needs assessment and police station demolition would cost the city an estimated $43,650, adding that the item was not included in the 2019 budget.
“This item was not originally included in the 2019 budget. However, there is adequate fund balance available in the general fund to pay for this assessment,” he said.
He said as part of the assessment, environmental conditions will be reviewed including asbestos and lead. It will be assessed as part of the professional services offered by Treanor architects.
“Professional services include evaluating functional space relationships, space allocations and space needs, public access and visitation, deferred maintenance, security deficiencies, life safety, lighting, design concepts and cost estimates,” he said.
In response to a question by Todd Winters, councilmember, Kramer said that the work could not be conducted internally by his department.
“We are not trained architects,” he said. “This requires a combination of knowledge, expertise and equipment and just the sheer amount of time needed is beyond our capabilities.”
In other business:
Kramer informed the council that the city’s public works department had sent a crew to Leavenworth County to help with recovery and clean-up efforts after a recent tornado devastated parts of the county.
“This is also a good learning opportunity for our team,” he said.