Several candidates have filed to run for city and school board elections slated for November 2019.
By the June 3 filing deadline, the three seats open at Gardner city council had attracted six candidates including two incumbents, while in Edgerton three candidates will run for the three open seats.
Over at USD 231, seven candidates have filed to run for four open seats.
Local elections don’t generate a lot of attention compared to those for state and national offices. They can be low key affairs and because they are non partisan, there’s not the usual rancor that accompanies contests for the representatives we send to Topeka or Washington DC.
However, the leaders we elect to the city and school board have a major impact on our lives. Local governments determine our safety, the availability of employment opportunities in our communities, and what we pay in property taxes. They also determine what kind of preparation our kids get for their future. They are responsible for steering federal and state dollars that come our way.
In short, local governments have a lot to do with our quality of life.
It is important for citizens to participate in these elections. It is their only chance to weigh in on the direction they want their communities to go. So let’s all educate ourselves on the candidates and their visions for our communities. Let’s attend candidate forums, and if you really believe in your candidate then get out there and campaign for them.
We thank those who have taken the step to run for these important offices. It takes commitment to not only run but, if successful, to discharge the duties faithfully, ethically and in a professional manner.
As the elections draw near, and the candidates put their campaigns into gear, we hope candidates will keep away from negativity and mudslinging. We expect the contests to be hard fought, and they should be. What we abhor are smear tactics and politics of character assassination. After all, the contests are between neighbors.