There has been a rash of tornados and storms this spring including a devastating twister that left parts of Linwood and Lawrence, Kan., in ruins.
The month of May saw 13 consecutive days in which the national weather service reported at least eight tornado events daily throughout South and Midwestern states.
That’s a jaw dropping statistic.
While we have not experienced a major tornado event in our area in recent years, we also know that we are right smack in the middle of the tornado alley.
We can’t do much to avoid a hit, but it is incumbent upon all of us- individuals, local officials, school administrators – to be prepared and ready for such an eventuality.
As it is, we don’t seem to have a comprehensive plan to deal with a serious tornado.
Gardner apparently does not have a designated tornado shelter.
Other than basements in people’s individual homes, one would be hard pressed to find a place designated for residents to seek shelter quickly.
Many communities that are susceptible to tornados have signs on the roadways that communicate the location of such shelters.
We pray that area officials will meet and designate a tornado shelter, and educate the public on its availability.
Long range plans would be to develop a comprehensive emergency communication plan that would aid residents in case we face a tornado – or other – adverse weather event in our community.