Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Family members in my extended family are celebrating milestones with family and friends in the near future.
Their actual birthdays have passed, but family from out of town are joining in the festivities, so the date was altered.
My father in law has turned 90. My Mother in law is now 87.
I think these are ages to be celebrated. They have lived through things my generation can’t even begin to know about. We were the kids from the boomer years.
My father in law served and was part of the Korean War. My mother in law was in a root cellar in Spring Hill when the tornado devastated that little town and took the lives of some residents. The storm went on to Kansas City and Ruskin heights.
They have lived through hard times and good times.
They have witnessed family members lose children and have lost one of their own.
My very own family never made it to those milestone numbers. My own parents were in their 70’s when they passed.
Yet I have been fortunate enough to know my inlaws since I was about 16 years old. I have known them much longer than I had my own folks.
I am so grateful to have been taken into their family. To have been hugged and supported and even cried with.
Families are important parts of our lives. They teach us the moral lessons not offered in school. They tend to forgive and forget, so we don’t have to carry on alone.
So, if you know my “other folks,” Joan and Gaylen Taylor, send them a birthday greeting.
They deserve all the good wishes and happy memories they can get.