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Alissa Robinson Schweer, GEHS alum and freshman at Emporia State University, conducts the premiere performance of her original composition, Solving the Mystery. The GEHS symphonic band performed the piece at a recent concert on May 6, 2019. Photo courtesy of Alissa Robinson Schweer
Schweer conducts original band piece at GEHS
On May 6, Alissa Robinson Schweer, an alum of GEHS, conducted the premiere performance of her original band composition, Solving the Mystery.
Schweer is currently a freshman at Emporia State University majoring in music with a concentration in music education.
She wrote the piece as a tribute to the GE band program and conducted the GEHS symphonic band as they performed it in front of an audience for the very first time.
“The piece is called “Solving The Mystery,” and it is a tribute to the Gardner Edgerton band program for helping me to solve my own mystery and discover my passion for music,” Robinson Schweer said. “I wrote the beginnings of the piece for a creative project in English class at the end of my sophomore year. Funnily enough, the song was supposed to portray not knowing my purpose in life and what I imagined it would be like to someday find it. Throughout my final two years of high school, my passion for music began to grow immensely, and with each new discovery came more inspiration for the excerpt I had written for my sophomore English project. By the end of my senior year, I thought I had finally “solved the mystery”, so to speak, and thought I had finished my piece. But this first year at college gave me so much more inspiration and I have finally realized that my passion for music will never stop growing. With that realization I was able to finally complete the piece.”