Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
The Gardner City Council awarded an $120,000 contract to Topeka Sod Farm to perform fairway rehabilitation work at Gardner Golf Course during a meeting May 7.
The approval was part of the city’s consent agenda.
According to Jason Bruce, parks and recreation director, the city is contractually obligated to finance goods and materials for turf reseeding on the golf course greens, tee boxes and fescue seeding. The city is also responsible for the cost of enlarging, dredging and digging a wet well in the irrigation pond at the course.
In a 2018 agreement between the city and GreatLIFE, the operators of the course, the city agreed to spend up to $290,000 for the work.
Bruce said the work included in the contract with Topeka Sod farm will constitute a portion of the city’s obligation to GreatLIFE.
“While the city is responsible for performing due diligence and for minimizing costs to the extent possible, this work constitutes a portion of the $290,000 the city is contractually obligated to pay for various facets of rehabilitation work on the course,” he said.
The city also granted an easement to KCP&L to extend electric service to the course.
Bruce told the council that during a June 2018 meeting, the council directed staff to enter into a contract with KCP&L to provide three phase power to the course for use at its irrigation system. Extending three phase electric will cost $157,000 and was approved by the council in April, 2018.

In other business:
-the city approved the purchase of four 2020 Ford police interceptor SUVs from Shawnee Mission Ford. According to Jay Belcher, interim police chief, the city will spend $159,825.91 for the four cruisers including the cost of equipment and decal installation. The cost reflects $14,000 trade-in value for three vehicles.
-the city approved the purchase of 8000 gallons of fuel for the Gardner Municipal Airport at a cost of $27,920. The fuel is for resale to airport users.