Teachers contracted salaries in USD 231 for 2018-19 are above DeSoto and Spring Hill but less than Olathe and Blue Valley, according to information from the Kansas Department of Education’s website.
Teacher salaries, including fringe benefits, were $61,531; compared to DeSoto at $60,265 and Spring Hill at $56,506. Gardner-Edgerton and DeSoto teachers received a 3 percent increase, and Spring Hill 1.8 percent.
Olathe teachers received a 1.1 percent increase and average $68,876.
GE principals make an average of $100,814, including fringe benefits for 2018-19. That represents a 2.2 percent increase, compared to DeSoto at 3.2 percent and Spring Hill at 2.9 percent. DeSoto principals average $103,753 and Spring Hill $109,957.
Olathe principals average $115,990 for 2018-19, a decrease of 1.1 percent from the previous year.
Gardner Edgerton’s superintendent saw a 3.6 percent increase from $204,719 to $212,035 for the 2018-19 contracted year, including fringe benefits. DeSoto’s superintendent saw a 2.8 percent increase from $211,000 to $217,000, and Spring Hill saw a 4.6 percent increase from $204,677 to $214,103.
Olathe’s superintendent received $306,480 in 2018-19, which represents a 4.8 percent increase.
Total expenditure per pupil in 2017-18 was $12,863 and full time enrollment was 5,897.9. DeSoto’s expenditure per pupil was $12,074 (FTE 7217.8) and Spring Hill $12,464 (FTE 3,892).
Olathe’s full time enrollment is 29,112.6 and an average of $13,742 is spent per pupil.
More information is available at the Kansas Department of Education website.