Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
There will be three open Gardner city council seats this November with the terms of Rich Melton, Todd Winters and Lee Moore coming to an end.
Similarly there will be three open seats in the Edgerton city council with the terms of Clay Longanecker, Jody Brown and Katee Smith expiring by the end of the year.
At USD 231 Board of Education, there are four candidates whose terms are expiring. Robin Strentz, Kristen Schultz, Greg Chapman and Tresa Boden
Prospective candidates, including incumbents, have until June 3 to file their paperwork with the Johnson County Elections office. There’s a $20 filing fee.
Elections in both cities are non-partisan. The possibility of a primary is dependent on number of candidates filed. The elections will be held on November 5 with the winners taking office in January 2020.
According to the Johnson County elections office, Melton and Winters have filed their re- election paperwork.
Kacy Deaton and Tory Kristen Roberts have also filed as candidates for Gardner city council elections.
By press time there were no candidates listed for either Edgerton city council or USD 231 board. Information is updated daily at