Photos courtesy of FD#1

Thought firemen only save cats in trees? Think again. May 5, Johnson County Fire District #1 rescued Milo the cat from a storm drain. Just after 9 p.m. FD#1 was dispatched to the area of W. 5th St. and W. Edgewood Dr. in Edgerton for an assist. The reporting party requested assistance in getting their injured cat out of a storm drain. Upon arrival, crews were able to make access through the manhole cover and attempted to retrieve the cat but failed as the cat moved further down the drain. After multiple attempts of trying to get the cat to move on his own, crews had to discontinue rescue attempts. A humane trap given by the cat’s owner was set in an attempt to catch it overnight. The owner remained on scene after crews left and continued to monitor the outside of the storm drain to see if the cat would climb out on its own. May 6 the same crew went back out to the scene where the humane trap was set but there was no cat in it. Crews then checked on the next storm drain where they located the cat. Milo, the cat, was taken back to the station where he was reunited with his owner. Milo is alive and doing well. Crew members who helped with the rescue include: Lt. Gillotti, Firefighter Donnell and Master Firefighter McDowell. Battation Chief Hirschmann also assisted the crew during the incident.