There were no fireworks in Edgerton the evening of April 25.
No heralds trumpeting an announcement.
Mayor Don Roberts read a resolution during a council meeting, and council members, Clay Longanecker, Katie Smith and Ron Conus said their “Ayes.”
Quietly, and unceremoniously, Edgerton City Council topped the $1 billion mark at the LPKC intermodal.
The little town that tried, did. And did it in a big way.
In 2013 the intermodal site was 1,100 acres total; in 2015 it was 1,700 acres. The seed of all the growth, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad intermodal facility, accounts for 460 acres of the total acreage.
In 2017 there was almost 11 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space, and the intermodal was the number one multi tenant development in the nation. Major corporations, including Amazon, UPS, Jet and Kubota are now tenants at LPKC.
And the growth continues.
In December 2017, Edgerton announced annexation of 575 acres near Homestead Lane/207th Street, south of Interstate 35.
Last week, April 25, Edgerton approved the issuance of a further $1 billion in bonds for the second phase of the park.
That’s new money for Phase II.
The funds will be used for acquisition of land and the building and equipping of facilities.
Ten years ago it was a concept on paper.
Today? Well, it’s the biggest thing going in Johnson County and probably the state.