The choir recently attended the state ensemble and solo festival and returned with good ratings.

1 – Ratings
Annie Kuzma, perfect score; Riley Pembleton, perfect score; Riley Buck, two points away from a perfect score; Logan Peralez- one point away from a perfect score; Nate Sawchak
Madrigal Ensemble- Annie Kuzma, Riley Buck, Logan Peralez, Nate Sawchak, Sarah Chambers, Katie Long, Sami Sanders, Emy Hill, Lily Yoss, Maycee Beasley, JJ Bricoe, Ethan Boothe, Tate Allen, Lucas Conway, Morgan Lobell, Grant Misse, and Erin Smith

2- Ratings
Isaiah Siegfreid; Logan Krauskopf; Sarah Chambers; and Isabelle Carpenter