We’re not sure what Gardner’s council has more to give away – money or brains. But they sure have no problem spending money.
Most recently, they approved $27,000 for a promotional film touting what a great place Gardner is to live. Laurence Fishburne, actor, will narrate, and the infomercial will be shown between half- and hour length shows.
At the bottom of the contract it says, “Venue for any claim relating to this agreement, or to the breach of this agreement, shall be in Palm Beach County, Florida. This agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the state of Florida.”
HHmmmm. Okay.
The $27,000 fee will come from bed-tax money paid by hotel guests as part of the transient guest tax. Never mind The Hampton Inn keeps delaying their opening, and the money’s not there.
They’ve also pledged additional funds to the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce and the Southwest Johnson County EDC. This year’s tourism budget increased from $35,000 to $150,000, and the money’s been spent even before it’s hit the bank.
But – never mind the money isn’t there. The promise of this money is literally burning a hole in the hands of the council.
Yet, at the same time, they had to pass a sales tax to repair roads. The council’s yet to have enough money in the budget to repair the Gardner Dam spillway, replace the outhouse at the Gardner Municipal Airport or find a way to repair 191st or Waverly Rd. Both the mill levy and utility rates have increased for residents.
Gardner is a great place to live. We don’t need an infomercial to promote it; maybe that’s why we don’t recall any public discussion regarding this promotional film.
It was just slipped quietly into the consent agenda.
What we do need is a fiscally conservative council that doesn’t throw good money to the wind.