Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
It occurred to me that spring, much like the leading lady in a play, has been gracing us with just a glimpse of her presence and then running off stage for a change of costume. The thunderstorms the other night were noisy but not harmful.
So I wait to buy and plant my summer flowers. Some years we can head for the local greenhouses or buy seeds and plant them at the end of Feb, early March. Not so this year. This leaves me anxious.
I needed a “petunia fix”. I need to smell the heavenly scent of spring flowers. I needed to see what was new and colorful. I also have a neighbor who hadn’t been introduced to the other of our local greenhouses.
So we went west past Edgerton, just a tiny bit to Enrights. Owned by Steve and Sue Enright. I can’t remember how many years I have bought flowers from them. For people who have only shopped at the big box stores. Shame on you! There is nothing to compare to the flowers fresh from the grower. Or the vegetables started in greenhouses to transplant into your garden. Every single plant is tended by a real live person, because this is the family livelihood. Every plant is beautiful and worthy of your garden or yard space.
I go to look at the colors and varieties of plants placed together in baskets. I am horrible at combining things but they are artists.
So we went and looked. Took some photos and made some notes. I will return to make my selections and begin the process. But it may be a week or so.
I don’t want to fail to mention the other family owned greenhouses right out our back doors. The Flower Farm is just outside of Gardner, to the south. Owned by Keith and Roberta Johnson.
This family owned and run treasure is back to the basics. Get ready to walk through the greenhouses and pick your plants right off the tables where they are grown. Beautiful tropical’s to hundreds of herbs and even plants for your water gardens. Whether you want an orchid or a begonia, you can find it here and get advice on growing and keeping your plants healthy.
Both of these farms are local families, this is how they make a life. They are reliable, honest, hardworking folks, who have been in business for years.
So before you go to the box store or the grocery store and get those summer bedding plans try our local flower farmers. I have never been disappointed.
On the way back from the greenhouse we decided to drive through Edgerton. Every once in a while I drive past the homes I lived in for so many years. It was nice to see the little house on Nelson Street still standing tall. The hand built little barn outback and the wooden box by the house are still doing fine. The other house down the street a bit looks well kept and much to my amazement my lilac bush had grown by leaps and was covered with beautiful blooms.
All in all it was a great outing. If you are local and I didn’t mention your greenhouse, let me know at the office. I will be glad to come out and see what you have growing. Otherwise, folks, buy local. Keep your money in your communities. You will not be sorry your did.