Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Things are blooming. The little finches have come back to build a nest in my spring basket by the front door.
To the south of where I live is an area full of pear trees. It looks like a wonderland. The smell isn’t great, but it is a sure sign on spring.
Of course on the news this morning were stories of the huge winter storm hurtling through the upper Midwest.
Spring will arrive when she gets good and ready.
The puppy is now seven months old and tasting his own first spring. He is a good smart little fellow, but he is bouncing between terrible 2’s and teenage years.
Finally I have started potty training in earnest. He loves outside. He takes it all in, and lets it take control. I have door cameras ,and the count one afternoon was 42 trips outside between noon and dark. I am getting my Fitbit steps in for sure.
I know it won’t be long before we flip the switch from heat to cool. The windows will come down and be closed. We will venture outside less and enjoy the time in the house with the a/c running.
Spring always makes me happy. The beauty offsets the damaged winter roads.
So for a time, I will sit on the patio with the puppy – who is full of his first spring. We will watch the flowers and the leaves blow. He can chase a bee and find a toad.
I will listen to the birds and watch the Robins feed their babies.
Spring is well worth waiting for.