Area gardeners gathered for a meeting at the Gardner Community Garden in preparation for the start of the season. Staff photo by Albert Rukwaro

Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
It’s spring again, and gardening enthusiasts in Gardner are out in force.
Close to fifty gardeners turned out for a meeting at the Community Garden April 7 where plans for the season were discussed.
John Gower, organizer, outlined the procedures for registration, equipment rental and usage and volunteer opportunities at the garden.
“Safety is paramount,” he said. “Don’t operate the equipment if you’re not comfortable.”
Gower said the start of the season has been delayed by the unusually long winter this year.
“We’re targeting Easter to begin tilling because it has to dry up first,” he said. “Hopefully by the end of the season we will have had a lot of fun.”
Alisha Garding, communication coordinator, said that the garden will reopen the children’s garden on April 20 to coincide with Earth day.
“Get the kids to play with dirt,” she said.
During the event Mark and Dana Henz were recognized as the March Volunteers of the month. Cathy Johnson was recognized as volunteer of the month of April.
For Gardner residents, the community garden is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while growing fruits and vegetables – all while building a community of friends and neighbors.
Gardner Community Garden, located at 555 W. Main St. behind Divine Mercy Catholic Church, offers residents plots of land on which to grow plants. The garden has been in existence for several years, and participants have harvested fruits and vegetables both for personal use and for charity.