Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton city council approved a $19,000 pay raise for Beth Linn, city administrator, after an executive session following a council meeting April 11.
Linn, who has been city administrator since 2011, will now make $160,000 per year after the council vote.
Don Roberts, mayor, said that Linn received exceptional ratings after a performance review was completed by the council.
“Council members gave high praise for the work she and her staff have done for the community in areas such as fiscal stewardship, communication, achievement of council priorities, etc.,” Roberts said in a statement to The Gardner News.
He said that the council used a comparison of peer cities in the region including the draft city administrator contract for Gardner to determine an appropriate wage for the administrator.
“Beth continues to work hard for the Edgerton community by increasing the quality of life for citizens, working with the council to lower the mill levy and bringing new opportunities for Edgerton residents to work within our community,” he said.
Roberts confirmed that Linn’s contract does not include an annexation clause or bonus, except for a longevity bonus that is given to all city employees.
“Beth is still on her original contract which has no annexation clause or bonus,” Roberts said. “ She does receive a longevity bonus as does all Edgerton employees.  Beth’s last longevity bonus was in 2018 for $133.50 minus applicable taxes.”
During Linn’s tenure, LPKC intermodal has grown into the number one multi tenant development in the country. In 2015, the intermodal was almost 1,700 acres up from 2013 at 1,100. In March 2018 Roberts said the most recent annexation increased the land area of the city of Edgerton by 25 percent.
LPKC’s current 1700 acres is north of I-35. The newly annexed property will expand LPKC across I-35 to the south.