(Students involved in the Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department’s after school program periodically interview area residents. This interview and article were submitted by Greg McCombs.)

Jim Shryock (left) and Bob Weller (right) were recently interviewed as part of an after school program sponsored by Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department. Greg McCombs is seated. Dallas Waller is standing behind McCombs. Liam Wyrick and Calvin Campbell are sitting on the floor with their backs to the camera. Submitted photos

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
This is Greg McCombs reporting for JCPRD Action News…
It was a classic matchup at Gardner Elementary Mar 22, 2019. It was street rod versus street machine. Jim Shryock and Bob Weller came to the school to talk to Johnson County Parks and Recreation’s after school class. They brought their cars with them to show the class.
I had the privilege of interviewing both and this is what we learned. First up was Mr. Shryock.

Can you tell us about yourself?
“My name is Jim Shryock. I work for a large bank as a project manager. I work on audit issues and have been with the bank for eight years. I have always loved working with my hands fixing things from electronics to cars. I learned a lot from my Dad assisting him with repairs around the house.”

Can you tell us about the car you brought today?
“It is a 1929 Model-A Tudor. My Dad purchased the car around twenty years ago. It had been partially restored. I spent many weekends helping my father complete the restoration. Around three years ago, he handed it down to me, and I have enjoyed working on and cleaning it ever since. I like to take it to events that support good causes like veterans and youth.”
Can you tell us about the CAF Museum out at New Century Airport and your involvement with the group?
“Well first up, “CAF”, stands for Commemorative Air Force. Since I was a kid, I enjoyed reading WW11 history. Around twenty years ago, I found out they were building a CAF museum at New Century, so I immediately joined up which is free to the public. The goal of the CAF is to preserve our nation’s military aviation history. The CAF was founded to acquire, restore and preserve in flying condition a complete collection of combat aircraft flown by all military services of the United States as well as selected aircraft of other nations. We do so for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations of Americans. We hold fund raising events with monies going to support our community education programs and to keep our vintage military aircraft in flying condition. To find out more information, anyone can go to the website: www.kcghostsquadron.org/
Thank you, Mr. Shryock. Ok Mr. Weller it’s your turn.

Can you tell us about yourself?
“My name is Bob Weller. I am a twenty-four-year Navy veteran. I currently work for Assisted Transportation Services driving kids to and from school.
Can you tell us about the car you brought today?
“Sure. I brought a 2015 Dodge Challenger pushing 525 horses with a Pro Charger after-market addition to the stock 5.7 Hemi.
Thank you, Mr. Weller.
“It’s been fun and my pleasure.” Mr. Weller said.
We then went outside to look at both vehicles. The kids were able to sit in both vehicles, honk the horns, and ask questions. Mr. Weller fired up his beast and demonstrated its acceleration power down the road a bit. Mr. Shryock showed the kids his bear which sits in the rumble seat. The bear rides with him to all shows and events he attends. He asked the class to come up with a name for the bear.
This is Greg McCombs for JCPRD Action News.