The hashtag has gone from #Wherescheryl to #arewegonnahireacityadministrator.
In other words, it’s been six months since the mysterious resignation of Cheryl Harrison-Lee, former Gardner city administrator. Gardner taxpayers paid about $350,000, for that less-than-transparent council decision.
And despite the city’s announcement of three top candidates, and a March community-wide meet and greet, the hiring process seems to be stalled.
Although Steve Shute, mayor, had indicated last month he would make the nomination for city administrator, no announcement has been made publicly. No special meetings have been called, and nothing was said after the council returned from closed session last month.
All that was said was that a contract needed to be negotiated. The city has not issued a statement or provided an update.
As usual, Gardner city politics are shrouded in mystery, decisions are made, or unmade, behind closed doors, and there’s not a shred of transparency to be found.
#what’s the secret?
#what’s the problem?