The Trail Ridge Middle School Huskies hosted their first track meet of the season on April 2. The eighth grade boys team came away with a first place finish. The eighth grade girls and seventh grade boys both came in second. The seventh grade girls finished third. They competed against Spring Hill and Paola.

7th Grade Girls: 3rd place team (31 points)
1st place finishers:
Caroline Clark- 3200M (14:43.43)
Alyssa Huffmaster- Hurdles (19.86)

2nd place finishers:
Huffmaster- Pole Vault (6-0)
4×200- Ree Folsom, Jaelyn Dole, Clark, Huffmaster (1:02.61)
Sprint Medley- Clark, Dole, Huffmaster, Folsom (2:25.49)

3rd place finishers:
Josie Pemberton- Long Jump (11-4.5)
Haylee Weese- High Jump (3-10)
Folsom- 400M (1:20.83)

4th place finishers:
Payton Hofer- Shot Put (24-4)
Claira Weatherford- Discus (48-9)
Sophia Gaspers- Long Jump (11-1.25)
Kenslee Troutman- Pole Vault (5-6)
Ava Yager- 3200M (15:59.75)

7th Grade Boys: 2nd place team (38 points)
1st place finishers:
Gilan Brown- 3200M (12:35.08)
Parker Walion- 1600M (5:45.30), 800M (2:44.0)
4×200- Lucas Strother, Tarr-Brooks, Brown, Ethan Lange (1:55.10)

2nd place finishers:
Myles Hornbuckle- High Jump (4-4)
Austen Moss- Pole Vault (6-0)
Dominic Tarr-Brooks- 100M (13.11)
Brooklyn Waswa- 1600M (6:13.11)
4×400- Aleko Khundadze, Walion, Colton Hawkinson, Brown (4:59.06)

3rd place finishers:

4th place finishers:
Jackson Rhea- 1600M (6:26.05)
Brown- 400M (1:08.46)
Brenton King- 800M (2:56.46)

8th Grade Girls: 2nd place team (41.5 points)
1st place finishers:
Bella Stubbs- High Jump (4-4), 3200M (14:08.24)
Betsy Ross- Hurdles (19.52)
Nalleli Rollf- 1600M (6:53.04)

2nd place finishers:
Sariyah Williams- Shot Put (30-9)
Dakota Konzem- 1600M (6:53.68)
4×100- Bailey O’Sulivan, Brenley Cunningham, Adrianne Farley, Kaira Mannio (57.20)
Sprint Medley- O’Sulivan, Lauren Mulwa, Mannio, Farley (2:08.01)
4×400- Emerson Cortner, Shelby Kollman, Bella Stubbs, Pace (5:07.83)

3rd place finishers:
Rollf- Hurdles (20.29)
Alivia Drake- 1600M (7:02.11)

4th place finishers:
Ross- High Jump (4-0)
Kaira Mannio- Pole Vault (6-6)
Destiny Pace- 200M (31.63)

8th Grade Boys: 1st place team (75 points)
1st place finishers:
Zaine Mayfield- Long Jump
Andrew Kamtio- High Jump (5-2)
Connor Gunderson- Pole Vault (9-0)
Landon Comstock- 3200M (11:59.18)
Kyle Oatman- 100M (12.63), 200M (25.99)
Sprint Medley- Ian Rodger, Sebastian Ricano, Mayfield, Comstock (1:58.11)

2nd place finishers:
Chris Lewis- Discus (93-0)
Kam Drury- Long Jump
Kamtio- 100M (13.12)
Carter Beasley- 1600M (5:56.08), 800M (2:49.83)
Nate Wilson- 400M (1:05.39)
Mayfield- 200M (26.44)
4×100- Harrison Yager, Ben Pahls, Gunderson, Oatman (54.70)

3rd place finishers:
Alonzo Borjas- Long Jump
Harrison Yager- High Jump (4-10)
Eric Massro- 3200M (14:04.26)
Gunderson- 100M (13.24)
Pahls- 800M (2:54.64)
Kamtio- 200M (27.24)

4th place finishers:
Oatman- High Jump (4-8)
Cole Darby- 3200M (14:15.90)
Yager- 100M (13.42)