Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I am sure April, in all her glory and fury, will bring about some days of crazy weather, but sooner or later we will be back in the 90’s.
We have put the young man, Jussie Smollet, from Empire behind us; R. Kelley is almost out of the limelight, now we have parents with money buying college entrance for their kids.
Whatt????? Of course we do.
Parents spending obscene amounts of money and committing fraud to get their precious little gems into big name schools. I am sure it wasn’t their idea. I am sure it was pitched to them by another parent or an advisor of some kind.
This wouldn’t have happened with my folks. First of all, they knew what I was capable of. They knew just what I was interested in doing and how much I would push myself. College wouldn’t have been a very good investment for them or for me. Most of the kids in my class went out and went to work after high school. A few went on to college. Some graduated; some got married.
These days, before their child is even in school, you see parents jostling to get them into the best college. The school that has a name for being outstanding. There are a couple of those in the city, and people with money still send their kids there. Some schools are better for sports. I know of one family that spent tons of money on tutors for softball and football. Coaches and special sports drinks and weight classes. I never saw even one of their kids go on to be a professional, although they had several who had surgeries and injuries in high school.
I feel somewhat bad for the kids. What if you are born into a jock family and you just want to play the tuba? I bet you don’t stand a chance.
I also feel for those kids who were displaced by the money of the privileged. I do wonder though if the college already knew “x” number of incoming students really wouldn’t be playing tennis or rowing, so they allowed for others to get to the teams.
My kids never had problems with too much money in the family. I didn’t pay for college exam tutors. I don’t know how many times my daughter took the entrance exam, but I am pretty sure she paid for anything past the first one herself. She is also paying off college loans, so no free ride there.
Bad parent, I don’t think so. I love my kids and their soul mates fiercely. I would help them do anything that I was able to help with. But I didn’t do it for them. They have earned and made their way themselves. They pay all their own bills, have their own homes and run their own lives. I am proud of them.
Buying schools won’t stop. For the rich, it will continue, I am afraid. Hidden much better by those who provide the services.
So be proud of what you accomplish. Remember you did it on your own, and without fraud and cheating. Believe in yourself, not everyone can be a brain surgeon, but you can be an honest and good person.