Cindy Henson

At the March 15 city council meeting, the governing body approved Mayor Steven Ellis’ appointment of Cindy Henson as chief of police.
“It is my privilege to nominate Cindy Henson to the position as Chief of Police in the City of Spring Hill, Kan., and give these officers the leadership they deserve,” Mayor Ellis said.
Henson was selected from a highly-talented pool of more than 15 applicants, ultimately refined to five top candidates.
“Cindy Henson is the right person for the right job at the right time in the right town,” Jim Hendershot, city administrator, said.
Henson currently serves as a major with the Overland Park Police Department, where she’s worked for 27 years.
“I am committed to being intentional in my leadership, to work well with others, to be humble in my responsibility and to be decisive in my actions to support and serve the community of Spring Hill,” Henson said.
Henson will begin her duties with the Spring Hill Police Department April 8.