Albert Rukwaro
Special for The Gardner News
Don Roberts, Edgerton mayor, has sent out an appeal for donations to the Mayors’ Christmas Tree Fund to assist an Edgerton resident who recently suffered a heart attack, underwent an open heart surgery and is currently in intensive care.
Roberts, who made the appeal during a council meeting March. 14, said Janet Underwood has no known next of kin and urged residents and business owners in the area to assist the 70 year old lady keep up with her mortgage and other bills as she continues to recover.
“I was alerted to her plight by her neighbor. Her brother passed on a few years back and she has no other living relative,” he said.
Roberts said he found out that her emergency contact is the neighbor and her veterinarian.
“That just broke my heart,” he told the council.
Roberts said that an anonymous corporate donor has agreed to match any funds raised up to $12,000 and urged residents, business owners and “friends of Edgerton” to send donations to help Underwood.
“I see this as community helping community; standing for each other in times of need,” he said.
Donations can be sent to the Mayors’ Christmas Tree Fund. Cash donations can be made at City Hall, 404 East Nelson Street during business hours.
Donors can also drop checks at the drop box outside city hall. Those who wish to donate using debit or credit cards can call city hall for processing. Donors should make sure to specify their donations are for Underwood.