Construction is underway on Johnson County’s new 28-courtroom courthouse in Olathe.
The new courthouse is being built across Santa Fe Street north of the existing courthouse and west of Olathe City Hall. The address is 150 West Santa Fe Street.
The anticipated completion date is the fourth quarter of 2020. The anticipated cost is $182 million ($193 with inflation costs factored in). The contractor is JE Dunn Construction. Design firms are TreanorHL & Fentress Architects.
Construction of the Johnson County Courthouse tunnel  beneath Santa Fe is completing Week 5 of the scheduled eight weeks. Last week, the remaining concrete was poured in the tunnel and this week the tunnel was water-proofed, and they began to backfill, according to Lori Sand, senior public information officer.
Johnson County voters approved a 10-year, quarter-cent public safety sales tax to fund the project.
The new courthouse will address issues of concern for the community and residents, and it will:
• Separate inmates and criminal defendants from victims, witnesses, jurors and others in courthouse corridors
• Replace the aging, overcrowded courthouse with a more efficient building that will cost much less to maintain
• Be accessible/Americans with Disabilities Act compliant
The courthouse will meet Johnson County’s judicial needs for more than 75 years as the county expects to add 10,000 residents each year. Its design will also allow for more courtrooms later as needed.