Case No.: FS2019-02

Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of the City of Edgerton, Kansas, will hold a Public Hearing at their regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at the Edgerton City Hall, 404 E. Nelson Street, Edgerton, Kansas at 7:00 p.m. at which time and place the public may be heard in regards to the Final Site Plan of the following described real property situated in the City of Edgerton, Johnson County, Kansas to wit:

Transpec Leasing Incorporated, applicant representative, for the property located on the southwest corner of 191st Street and Waverly Road requests approval for a Final Site Plan on the following real property, as noted and described:
That part of the Northeast Quarter of Section 3, Township 15 South, Range 22 East, in the City of Edgerton, Johnson County, Kansas, more particularly described as follows:
Commencing at the Northeast corner of said Southeast Quarter, South 88°19’51” West along the North line of said Southeast Quarter, a distance of 972.25 feet; thence North 01°09’47” West, a distance of 989.98 feet to the Point of Beginning of the herein described tract; thence South 88°22’56” West, a distance of 339.24 feet; thence North 01°20’55” West, a distance of 1,015.47 feet; thence North 88°09’08” East, a distance of 1,261.21 feet to the West right-of-way line of Waverly Street, as now established; thence South 01°09’47” East along said West right-of-way line, a distance of 1,020.56 feet; thence South 88°22’56” West, a distance of 918.64 feet to the Point of Beginning, containing 1,282,190.21 square feet, or 29.44 acres, more or less.

Dated this 20th day of March, 2019.

John Daley, Chairperson
Edgerton Planning Commission

City of Edgerton, P.O. Box 255, 404 E. Nelson St., Edgerton, KS 66021