Pictured is the identification disc (not called a dog tag until WWII) for Frank Hagaman and was recently donated to the Johnson County Museum. Photo courtesy Johnson County museum

One of Johnson County Museum’s newest items has an interesting back story. A man in France found a World War I-era identification disc (like a dog tag) on a farm field with a metal detector. When he cleaned it off, he did an online search for the name on the tag, Frank L. Hagaman. Several hits came up for Johnson County Museum items on www.jocohistory.org, so he had a friend in the U.S. contact the museum. With a little more research, the disc was positively identified as belonging to Frank Hagaman, who survived WWI, became a legislator for Johnson County in the 1930s, and eventually served as the governor of Kansas for a brief time. Because the museum has a collection of photographs, documents, and objects relating to Hagaman, the finder decided to donate the ID disc. It is on display through May 11 in the museum’s current temporary exhibit, The Turbulent Twenties.