Photos courtesy Brian Kodger,

Ty Hammers (above) and Zayden Stutzen went all the way through their bracket March 9 to get first place at the Trailblazers Wrestling Club tournament. There were 19 other club wrestlers who qualified for state, but these two did not lose a match in a very tough competition.  In the white singlet, is Ty Hammers. He wrestles 12U at 130 lbs. Zayden Stutzman (left) wrestles 8U at 80 lbs.  Others who qualified for state are:  Noah Roaden 8U 64lb; Blake Eimers 8U  70lb; Zayden Stutzman 8U 80lb;

Zayden Stutzman

Caleb Sullivan 10U 95lb; Charlie Drinkard 10U 100lb; Roman Clouse 12U 76lb; Kasen Smith 12U 96lb; Iann Orrison 12U 120lb; Ty Hammers 12U 130lb; Kristopher Markos 12U 240lb; Therron Meade 14U 115lb; Collin Smith 14U 120lb; Zaine Mayfield 14U 130lb; Caden Rodriguez HS 182lb; Noah Short HS 220lb; Brady Ditlvson HS 285lb; Colby Short 10U 130 lbs; Ary Hutchinson HS 150 lbs; and Jaidyn Andrews HS 125 lbs