Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Gardner is considering applying for a state grant to fund repairs and maintenance of Highway 56 between Sycamore street and Moonlight Road.
Michael Kramer, public works director, told the city council during a meeting March 4 that the road qualifies for Kansas Department of Transportation funding up to $1 million a year with a 10 percent matching contribution by the city.
Kramer said the road is maintained by the state including snow removal but added there could be additional funding from the state through the proposed funding mechanism.
He said that funds for any such matching grant have not been budgeted in the city’s current fiscal year.
Lee Moore, council president, wondered why the state would come back and ask the citizens of Gardner to pay more to maintain a road that is already the responsibility of the state.
“It is the state’s responsibility to take care of this. Is it possible to use sales tax revenue so that at least the city’s portion comes from people who are using the road?” he asked.
Randy Gregorcyck, councilmember, agreed with Moore that the state should bear the burden of keeping the road up to standards.
“This is double dipping the citizenry of Gardner,” he said.
Kramer said staff will bring back a detailed proposal with more information during the next meeting.

Also during the meeting:
-the city revised its Cereal Malt Beverage (CMB) ordinance to allow for the sale of alcoholic beverages containing up to 6 percent of Alcohol by Volume (ABV). The previous ordinance only allowed 3.2 percent ABV in Gardner but in 2018 the state legislature passed an ordinance allowing those with CMB licenses to sell beer with 6 percent or less ABV. The ordinance takes effect state-wide on April 1.
-Authorized the Gardner Parks and Recreation Department to initiate a request for proposals for phase I of the Kill Creek Trail project.
The project will construct a trail from the high school one half mile North in the area south of 167th street and west of Waverly Road along Kill Creek.
According to Jason Bruce, parks and recreation director, the trail will provide access to Madison Elementary and Gardner- Edgerton High School along with connections to residential neighborhoods along Waverly Road.