Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Gardner Utilities Commission recommended that the city spend $41,161 to chip seal a stretch of Moonlight Road leading to the Hillsdale water treatment plant to avoid future dust control costs.
Gonzalo Garcia, utilities director, told the commission that in 2006, the city signed an agreement with Miami County to pay for dust control on the stretch of Moonlight Road between the plant and 223rd street. In the agreement, Gardner agreed to pay Miami County for dust control.
The city has so far paid Miami County $64,350 with annual costs ranging from $3,960-$7,260.
“Last year, Miami County approached the city to determine if the city would be interested in a chip seal process for that stretch of road with a one time cost of $41,161, which would eliminate the need for annual dust control,” Garcia told the commission.
Garcia said the cost for dust control and labor for 2019 is estimated at $4,620.
The proposal now goes to the city council for determination.
During the meeting, the commission approved the re-appointment of Andrew Krievins to the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency’s Board of Directors.
Krievins, who has served on the board since 2017, will serve for an additional two years and joins Garcia as the city’s representatives to the state agency. Commission member Clint Barney serves as an alternate director.
The agency’s board meets at least twice a year in Wichita area.
According to Garcia, the spring meeting coincides with the Kansas Municipal Utilities annual conference.
The commission also approved the appointment of Scott Millholland as a delegate with voting rights to the Kansas Rural Water Association (KRWA). The commission also appointed Garcia as alternate delegate to the association.