It’s not often – if ever – we write about Kansas weather. But the time has come.
It’s imperative we say it.
Winter be gone!
I think we echo the sentiments of most residents when we say we’ve had enough of grey skies, wet feet and that fluffy white stuff we used to think was so pretty. Now it’s just piled up wet and nasty by the roadside.
As Scrooge would say:
Bah Humbug to sledding!
Bah Humbug to staying inside warm and snug!
Bah Humbug to television reruns, video games and snow days!
We want sunshine and crocus and birds chirping in the spring.
We want the smell of wet dirt, and the visual tingle of new buds on the trees.
The sound of hedge trimmers and weed eaters humming in the distance.
If the city council passed a resolution demanding winter weather cease, do you think Mother Nature would listen?