Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So often we take for granted the things around us.
The fact that we have a good safe place to sleep at night. Grocery stores right here in our town to get food.
We see the same faces at the stores where we shop and run into people we know from high school etc. I tend to get in line at the store because I know the cashier.
It is a connection.
I happen to admire a lot of people from the class I graduated with. The Gardner High Class of 1972. There was a number of people in that class who had a clear vision of what they were planning on doing with their lives after school. I had a vision, but it was just a murky idea in the back of my head. So far, I am still working on the end results.
One of my classmates was Robert Cook. You may have known him from his local auto repair. I can’t remember when he joined our school class. He was quiet, mostly. He liked to work and tinker on cars. So he fit into the group of working kids who had jobs and pretty much did their own thing.
I think building cars and motorcycles and working on them, had been his plan all along.
I know my car, which is a Ford, was not his favorite “make” to work on. But when it needed something I knew he would give me an honest answer, and if he could fix the problem he would. He never talked down to me, just stated the facts and told me what he would do, if it was his vehicle.
I trusted my car to him. I valued his opinion. He was a classmate.
I ran into him around town, and he stopped by the newspaper office every once in a while.
I am not sure if he ever knew a stranger. Everyone knew Robert.
Several years back at a visitation for another person I knew, I ran into Robert. He also knew this man. They had been racing buddies years ago. It is truly a small world.
Robert always had a story. He always had time to tell it. It was fun to hear of the people he knew, and the things he had done.
Robert passed this last weekend. We lost another classmate. Our connections are getting smaller.
Safe travels Robert.
I hope your highways are sunny and warm, and your rides are long and wonderful.