Coach Michael Zegers
Compared to Feb. 11, yesterday was a bowling epiphany.  All the bowlers bowled extremely well, which allowed us to take second place in each division.
In the men’s JV division, Gavin Blakely finished tenth, Robert Pfeiffer in ninth, Dakota Baker in eighth and Jordin Chindavong in seventh.
In Ladies JV Kaleigh Webb finished in seventh, Maddy Riggs in sixth, Nancy Denny in fifth and Brooke Privat brought home silver.
In Gentlemen’s Varsity Cole Bergmann finished ninth, Zach Reynolds was 8th, Matt Sirithasack was fifth and Cooper Cox brought home Bronze.
In Ladies Varsity Cassia Gruis was ninth, Violet Rude was eighth, Kamryn Williams was sixth, Shanlii Dace was fourth and Veronika Wojtas brought home Bronze.