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Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Gardner City electric utility staff responded to 28 power outages affecting 4,029 customers in 2018.
In a report prepared for discussion by the Utility Advisory Commission by Gonz Garcia, utilities director, most of the outages were caused by equipment failures. Other causes of power outages included downed trees, animals and damages reported as “others.”
The utilities commission was scheduled to meet Feb. 7; however, it was cancelled due to lack of quorum.
In the report, Garcia said the average workday response time was seven minutes, and the average weekday after hours outage was 59 minutes.
He said city staff took an average of 27 minutes to respond to after-hours outages with an average after-hours outage of two hours and five minutes.
“The overall average response time was 19 minutes, and the overall average length of the outage was one hour and 39 minutes,” he said in the report.
In 2018, the city line maintenance staff completed eight sanitary sewer line repairs affecting four customers. Most of the damage to sewer lines was caused by unspecified causes while tree roots and line failures were identified as causes of several of the sewer line failures.
Average workday response time was 29 minutes, and the average weekday after hours repair time was six hours and 13 minutes for sewer line failures.
In the report Garcia said 702 customers reported water distribution problems with most water outages occurring because of hardware failures, main line failures and service line failures.
It took city staff an overall average of 33 minutes to respond to water outages and an average of four hours and 52 minutes to repair the affected lines.