The City of Olathe, Kansas administers an Industrial Pretreatment Program, approved by the Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency. One function of this program is to monitor the compliance status of industrial users of Olathe’s Publicly Owned Treatment Works. The City of Olathe is required to annually publish information about industries that were in significant non-compliance with the local, state, or federal pretreatment standards in the preceding calendar year.

Webco Manufacturing Inc., 20570 W. 162nd St., Olathe, Kansas was found to be in significant non-compliance (SNC) in 2018. Webco discharged zinc in concentrations that exceeded their daily maximum permit limit or the monthly average limit by at least twenty percent (20%) for thirty-three percent (33%) or more of the total number of samples taken in the July 1 through Dec. 31st 2018 reporting period in violation of Olathe Municipal Code Section 14.04.285(A)(2).

These discharges did not interfere with the wastewater treatment process and did not cause imminent endangerment to human health/welfare or to the environment.