Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well I am trying really hard to make my new canine a very good citizen of Gardner. I have enrolled him in a puppy class, and now that he is old enough, I have him tagged in accordance with the city laws and registered with our local police department.
I enrolled and attended a puppy class with my Corgi, Lizzie. Lizzie was one of 10 puppies in her litter. She had an excellent bloodline and was raised by an excellent dog breeder. She was socialized, clean, well mannered and tired of being one of 10 in a litter.
Corgi’s are, as the joke goes, not for the first time dog owner. She was my dog on the paper work, but her heart belonged to my daughter and my ex husband. Our first Corgi, Holly, also mine on paper, loved my son with all her heart.
Since Lizzy could be a handful, I wanted to get her training as soon as she was up to date on vaccines and everything else. We enrolled in a local class. I think the costs back some 14 plus years ago were about $60. Well worth the money to be a socially well adjusted creature. We went to class, and it was held at a farm to the south of Edgerton. There were about 10 dogs there. The dog that was directly behind Lizzy in line was a large rough and tumble fellow. We were instructed to turn our pups out into the pen and let them get acquainted. Lizzy didn’t like to be sniffed and cornered. I don’t like dog fights.
Needless to say we didn’t make class number two. So I taught her at home. She was a good learner, better when my daughter taught her. She loved people, but other than the neighbor Border collie, pretty much disliked other dogs.
So I got the city tag for Max- my new puppy. Gardner City dog tag. I was a little astounded. My tag number was 78. Humm so I am going to imagine there are probably 78 dogs just in the neighborhood where I live. Odd, city code and all. Do people not know to tag their dogs? Do they move so much, they don’t want to pay a $7 fee for a neutered animal to keep it legal? Or do they not want to pay for the return of their pet if it goes to doggie jail for running loose?
I know there are very dedicated people who try to help locate pets, identify the bodies of pets who have been hit so owner will know. They even go out and help search for wayward critters who have escaped fences and back yards. These people want the pets to go home, where they belong.
I really hope people are getting their rabies vaccine for their pets. I wish the pets in my neighborhood, especially the one a couple of doors down who is allowed out without a collar, and not watched, were tagged and collared.
If these folks aren’t watching their pets, they probably aren’t watching their kids either.
Seven dollars is a pretty small price to pay for keeping your pet safe. Getting yearly shots for rabies and distemper is a good idea.
Our little neighboring town has a dog clinic. People bring their dogs and cats; a local vet charges a very small fee and does the vaccines. City workers are there to sell city tags. Works out pretty good. We used it for years.
Seven dollars, less than a meal at Sonic or McDonalds. Less than a fancy coffee in a lot of places.
But some people figure if they lose their dog, they will get another one. If it bites someone, insurance will take care of it.
Be accountable. Follow the rules. It is only fair.