Coach Tyler Cordts
Jan. 30 was freezing, but the GEHS wrestlers were on fire.
Blazers blasted through the biggest rival BVNW 50-27, and the match wasn’t even that close as we dominated start to finish.
Dean Marshall started the night off at 106 getting a pin against a massive 106 pounder.
Collin Smith did what Collin Smith does – Cradle!
Lucas Anderson overpowered his guy for a pin.
Brayden Ratcliffe was calm, cool and collected as always making his win look easy.
Kadyn Humphrey wrestled up in weight, proving it was no big deal for a win.
AJ Rodriguez bullied his opponent for a win.
Brendan Oshel got some Seerevenge from earlier this season showing he has grown by leaps and bounds in a total beat down.
Shawn Waters wrestled the world’s tallest heavyweight and made it look easy.
“And while Taylor Farwell normally gets reaction of the night – I have to take the award this week after seeing Shawn nearly snap a kids leg,” Tyler Cordts, coach said.