Officer McLain and Dr. Todd Winters award Laney Strahan $10 and a free T-shirt for wearing her seatbelt. Submitted photo

Ten local motorists were caught in the act last week, caught in the act, that is, of wearing their seat belts while driving into Moonlight Shopping Center, a simple, everyday thing that won them each $10 and a T-shirt.
By rewarding drivers who buckle up, the Gardner Police Department and with Buckle Up For Safety and Lives of Kansas hope they can encourage more drivers here to do so, since unfortunately 20 percent of all motorists fail to follow the simple safety measure. There is plenty of reason to buckle up, considering the following facts: A driver involved in a 10 mile per hour collision suffers a blow equivalent to being hit in the neck by someone twice the victim’s weight. In a 30 mph collision, the impact is the same as being catapulted off an aircraft without using protective gear, and at 55 mph, it’s equivalent to twice the G-force an astronaut would experience on take-off, again without any protection.
Goals of the campaign are to save the lives of residents who would have otherwise been lost in traffic accidents, reduce injuries sustained by area residents as a result of traffic accidents, and lower the health care costs associated with deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents.
For information call Dr. Todd Winters 913-856-8135