Staff photo courtesy of Albert Rukwaro

Albert Rukwaro
Contributing writer
More than 136 people were left jobless after XPO logistics closed its warehouse at the Logistics Park in Edgerton last week.
In a statement, the Connecticut based company said that the loss of a major fulfillment client led to the closure of the 500,000 sq ft warehouse.
James Oltman, president of Elevate Edgerton, said that while the closure of the warehouse was unfortunate, the affected employees will be given opportunities to get employment at other businesses at the park.
Elevate Edgerton is a private-public entity charged with the responsibility of organizing and facilitating the growth of the park. It operates a Learning Center through which prospective employees are retrained and placed at businesses throughout the park.
“The closure of the warehouse is one of those unfortunate things, but we have resources to help those people here at the park,” Oltman said. “There are a lot of opportunities at the park, and if they want to continue working here we will certainly help in the transition.”
He said that his organization through the Learning Center and the Johnson County Workforce Development organization were well placed to assist the affected employees.
Oltman said there are expansion projects going on at the park. “Hopefully there will be new clients at the warehouse vacated by XPO Logistics soon.”