Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Federal workers who live in Edgerton will not be charged a late fee if they are late on their water bill payments.
The city council, in a meeting Jan. 24, directed city staff to waive late fees on water and wastewater bills for furloughed federal workers until the federal government shutdown is declared over.
The council further directed that the city suspend the disconnection policy on affected workers and allow for payment plans to run for 30 days after the shutdown.
Don Roberts, mayor, said that the affected employees are struggling through no fault of their own, and the city has a responsibility to help as they await the resolution of the issue.
“I have talked to church leaders in our community, and they are looking at what they can do to help,” he said, adding that KCPL, the city’s provider of electric service, had also indicated a willingness to assist.
The affected employees will be required to provide a Federal ID to be considered for the late fee waiver and payment plan.
The shutdown, which at 34 days, was the longest in the nations’ history was precipitated by a disagreement between President Donald Trump and congressional democrats on a $5.7 billion appropriation for a wall on the US-Mexico border.
The shutdown was declared over on Jan. 25 after President Trump signed a short term spending bill.
During the meeting , the council consented to an application by Transpec Leasing Corporation to enter into a supplemental lease agreement, base lease and trust indenture for a project that will consist of acquiring, constructing and equipping a two million Sq ft surface container storage lot.
The city further consented to an application to assign the bond documents from Transpec Leasing Corporation to Hastings Family Holdings LLC, a Nebraska based company with ties to Transpec.