It’s interesting the Edgerton City Council took the initiative to forgive late fees on water and wastewater for those federal employees who were unpaid during the most recent shut down of the federal government.
Whether you’re for or against building a wall at America’s southern border, federal workers shouldn’t have to suffer due to a political show down.
It’s no different from those private sector employees who are downsized, or laid off, with no promise of back pay.
While income may stop, or be temporarily suspended, bills always seem to continue. Food, rent, utilities, gasoline, insurance – someone always has their hand out.
It’s winter and it’s cold. In Topeka, several groups are protesting high electric rates state wide. Kansas rates are more expensive than Missouri, Iowa and Arkansas, according to recent comparisons.
Rates will most likely to continue to increase.
It’s good to see the Edgerton council take the initiative to assist federal employees. We hope all taxing entities will take notice and consider how to assist all legitimate utility ratepayers who are going thru difficult times.