Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Fire district No.1 responded to 3,025 calls last year, an 18 percent jump from the 2,558 calls they received in 2017, according to a report presented to Gardner City Council Jan. 22.
A majority of the calls were for medical emergencies within the community ,and it took the firemen an average of 4.02 minutes to arrive at the scene of the incident in Gardner and 4.50 minutes in Edgerton. The firemen took 3.51 minutes to respond to incident at New Century AirCenter.
“The national average is five minutes response time, so we did better than average compared to other jurisdictions,” said Ron Kirk, Fire District #1 chief.
The district issued 150 burn permits last year in Gardner, Edgerton and the unincorporated parts of southwest Johnson County and completed 1,025 fire inspections as part of the district’s fire prevention activities during the year.
Trig Morley, battalion chief in charge of community preparedness and special operations, gave a presentation on an emergency plan which detailed the district’s efforts to mitigate, respond to and recover from situations that may stress and overwhelm city capabilities.
Under the plan, the district aims to improve city resiliency, coordinate operations with other agencies and establish common operating procedures during times of emergencies and disasters.